YOMOYOMO is a multi-language phonetic reading site that can add phonetic reading to any site or texts in five different alphabets, Hiragara, Roman, Hangul, Devanagari and Cyrillic letters.
Reading Kanji characters in Japanese is the most difficult skill to learn for many people learning Japanese. Many people learn how to speak Japanese, but they find it very difficult to read Japanese web sites or emails.
Many Chinese people who are familiar with Kanji characters may understand written Japanese, but don't know how to read or pronounce them.
Even if one tries to look up a word in a Japanese dictionary, it is difficult to do so because she or he doesn't know where a word begins and ends in a given Japanese sentence.
If you don't know a dictionary form of a verb that conjugates, you don't know what to look up in the dictionary.
YOMOYOMO displays correct reading of Japanese texts and sentences.
YOMOYOMO recognizes words that conjugate and display a dictionary form, which makes it possible to use a dictionary function.
YOMOYOMO provides Japanese language learners in or outside of Japan with a free site that gives them a solution to their reading difficulty
We believe YOMOYOMO is useful not only to Japanese language learners but also native speakers of Japanese.